55+ Group Coaching

Join our 55+ community in a 90-minute group coaching session tailored to the unique needs of experienced professionals and job-seekers.


Coaching services are currently free of charge and are offered online.

Adjusting Your Job Search Tools for 55+

Jobseekers in the 55+ category need a new way to catch the attention of hiring and recruiting officers. You have what they’re looking for! It’s how you present yourself that will entice them to take notice. This session focuses on how to age proof your job search documents to emphasize your strengths and alleviate prospective employer concerns around hiring seasoned workers. We will also spotlight techniques for building or connecting with your established network to increase your chances of being noticed.

Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts for 55+

Did you know that because you are 55+ there are specific techniques to use while interviewing for that position you have your eye on? Learn tips on how to present yourself as vibrant, dynamic, and adaptable in the eyes of hiring officials. Discover how to avoid the traps of scammers and time-wasting ploys that tend to bombard 55+ job seekers.

I’m 55+ and I want to work: What are my options?

It can be especially challenging for unemployed workers 55+ to find and secure adequate employment. The pandemic intensified this situation as it caused the collapse and shutdown of many industries and positions typically held by 55+ workers. BUT, YOU STILL HAVE OPTIONS. Investigate viable opportunities to help you move past this deadlock and get back into rewarding employment.

General Job Search Strategy for 55+

No doubt about it, ageism is alive and well and living in America. Those who ignore that fact are doomed to months of frustration and rejection as they move through their job search journey. To be effective in job search after the age of 50, you must create a realistic strategy and embrace the impact of your specific diversity within the marketplace.