Building a Workforce for the Future with Gwen Muse-Evans & Anthony Flynn

With so many changes taking place in the mortgage industry during the Covid-19 pandemic​, and in light of the systemic racial issues currently being exposed in the protests taking place across America in recent weeks, it can be difficult to remain focused on finding solutions that unite and bring people together.

While it’s easy to sit back and comment on the problems as they happen, it takes great leaders to help us focus beyond the problems and provide hope and inspiration to make a positive impact.

For today’s podcast, we invited 2 people onto the program in our Hot Topic segment who are providing solutions that lead to a positive outcome.

Gwen Muse-Evans, President and CEO of GME Enterprises & Anthony Flynn, Work Faith Connection​​, are on the podcast today in order to share their perspectives on this Hot Topic as it relates to finding solutions for the mortgage industry!