Meet our Featured Volunteer: Dylan Doener!

Based on the experience of a family member who went through the program, Dylan decided to volunteer with the WorkFaith Connection over the summer. As a receptionist, he had the pleasure of working with the incredibly kind and dedicated WorkFaith team. Currently, a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin, Dylan is majoring in biology and pursuing a business minor. After graduation, He plans on attending medical school. Outside of school, He enjoy spending time with friends, reading, and watching sports.

Here’s what a Workfaith staff member had to say about Dylan:
Dylan assisted IT with a very critical project last week and did a great job!! We asked Dylan to create an electronic copy of our business process map. A critical project that we’ve been working on for our IT Manager. Dylan completed this within 1 business day. This was a tremendous help for IT and is something that we were able to build off of for other documentation that we needed for the IT department. We are so thankful for Dylan’s help!
Sahar Rahimian