Meet our Featured Volunteer: Garrett Rink!

Garrett is a freelance audio engineer who found out about WorkFaith only a few months ago when they were looking for someone to edit a podcast. He has thoroughly enjoyed giving back to the amazing community that WorkFaith has created. Currently, Garrett is working in music, podcasts, video games, and other general audio work. He enjoys helping artists turn their music into professional recordings as well as making electronic music himself. He has a degree in Audio Engineering and Studio Production from Nimbus School of Recording and Media located in Vancouver, Canada. At Nimbus, he worked with many local artists and prominent audio engineers. Garrett also loves the outdoors. His favorite outdoor activities include hiking, kayaking, and playing disc golf around the Pacific Northwest. He hopes to one day own his own audio studio while living somewhere with a great view.

Here’s what a Workfaith staff member had to say about Garrett:
“As a Volunteer for the Development Department assisting with the launch and management of The WorkFaith Podcast, Garrett has provided a tremendous amount of tech and audio support that has allowed the department to better allocate time and resources. Garrett has done exceedingly well with small audio projects as needed and responds to each request with both a positive attitude and informative approach. The Development Department greatly values Garrett’s expertise and support.”
Elizabeth Etter