Online Speaker Series




Deborah Berry,
Author of The Tech Trap


Wednesday, November 30th
at 10:00AM CST


Mori Sanchez
Manager of Development
(713) 401-9630

Work + Faith Speaker Series
Featuring Deborah Berry

Deborah Berry, Author of The Tech Trap, joins us on Wednesday, November 30th at 10:00AM CST for our Work + Faith Online Speaker Series. Deborah Berry spent her adult years being a devoted wife and mother. Her heart’s desire has been to raise her children to be loving, productive and contributing members of society - every parent’s dream! Then her world exploded. Her youngest daughter, at age ten, was lured into a virtual world of manipulative strangers. After years of difficult decisions and tough love, Deborah started her journey to write The Tech Trap as a personal effort to absorb what had happened and to gain information about technology and teens. Her mission evolved to equip parents with knowledge and awareness of the strangers who seek to gain a connection with their child through technology. We are so excited to hear from our speaker this month and learn from the ways God is using her at the center of Work + Faith, while also empowering others in our community!

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