Second-Chance Group Coaching

In a 90-minute group coaching session, learn how to navigate the workforce with a criminal record, frequent job changes, or extended periods of unemployment due to substance use.

Second Chance Coaching

Building upon our extensive experience helping individuals with a criminal record, frequent job changes, or extended periods of unemployment due to substance use, our Second Chance Coaching Program is designed to help individuals secure stable employment and excel in the workforce. Our group coaching format allows individuals to connect and network with others, build community, and learn invaluable skills specific to their circumstance.  You can participate in one or all groups offered, so whether you are unemployed or currently employed, this program can help.
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How to Structure Your Job Search – (Focus, Tools, & Strategies)

Course Description: Do you feel overwhelmed searching for jobs online? Does it take too long to fill out every application? Are you losing hope, and need strategies to make better use of your time? This session will help you stay energized in your job search, learn best practices for maximizing your time, and receive strategies on how to work smarter and not harder.

Understanding and Working With Barriers

Course Description: Are you frustrated every time you mark “yes” for having a criminal background, or having a difficult time explaining frequent job changes and gaps in your employment? Learn how to address these challenges, and innovative strategies to overcome personal barriers to securing employment.

Confidence: My plan failed. Now what?

Course Description: Have you heard the word “No” more than you can take? Are you discouraged and having difficulty regaining your confidence to pursue your dreams? Confidence coaching is for you! During this session, learn how to improve your mental stamina to push through any failed plan, and regain the confidence needed to follow your dreams.

Interview Preparation

Course Description: You were just selected for an interview, now what? If you are nervous, anxious, scared, or all of the above about your next interview – this session is a must. You will learn how to “sell yourself” to any potential employer, answer tough questions, and close the deal in order to get your next job!

Job Etiquette (Before you Land the Job)

Course Description: Have you ever been written up or fired from a job? Have you struggled to get along with a co-worker or boss? This session will provide insights on challenging workplace scenarios, strategies to improve your habits at work, and general best practices to help you thrive.

Transitional Paths (Industry Change)

Course Description: Are you currently employed, but not at your dream job? Do not wait until your job becomes unbearable, start the planning process now. This session will help you research future industries, identify, and fill experience/skills gaps, and leverage marketplace mentors.