WorkFaith's 8-Day Job Search Workshop (Bootcamp) is a Christ-centered program designed to equip students with the skills needed to conduct a successful job search and become productive employees.

Who should participate in our Workshop?

Many of our participants have struggled with barriers to employment such as:

  • Laid off after a long employment
  • Re-entering the job market after a move or raising children
  • Transitioning from prison or recovering from addiction
  • Or just been on the job search for too long and need some hope

Through our Workshop, participants are taught how to talk about their past to help an employer understand that their future is bright and that they are so much more than their past. Participants are also taught how to be great employees, how to thrive in the workplace, and how to grow in their faith throughout the journey.

and Selection of Participants

Job Readiness


Retention and

Getting Started

Attend an Information Session. They only last between 25-35 minutes, and occur every Monday and Tuesday at 10am at any of our 3 office locations.

Prepare to start the 8-Day Job Search Workshop (Bootcamp)

Register for our 8-Day Bootcamp, and our staff will contact you to confirm your attendance in an upcoming Information Session.

Fill out an application and participate in the selection interview process.

Workshops last a total of 8 (eight) business days (no weekend days). All workshops are from 9am - 4pm each day. Attendance for the 8 days is mandatory. It's recommended that you check your calendar for any scheduling conflicts and/or child-care issues during the 8 days of your Workshop.

Workshop Objectives

  • Execute a focused job search plan
  • Effectively fill out job applications
  • Create a resume that stand out
  • Answer tough interview questions with honesty and integrity
  • Highlight strengths and abilities
  • Identify the hidden job market

Common Questions


Employment Rate after Graduation

Men and Women Served



a friend or family member to sign up for WorkFaith's 8-Day Bootcamp (make sure they mention your name)


with them on Friday afternoon as they graduate from their 8-Day Bootcamp


$75 for recommending someone else to make the step towards success

The Grad-U-Share incentive program is only open to WorkFaith graduates. The referred parties must give your name at the time they sign up for the Bootcamp, and say that you referred them. Ask them to mention Grad-U-Share so we can make sure you get the credit and the $75 when they graduate. Referrals from Star of Hope, Open Door Mission, and Angela House do not qualify for the $75 referral fee; referrals from any other WorkFaith community partners qualify. If you, as the graduate, came to us from one of our partners, you are eligible to participate so long as those you are referring are not in the Star of Hope, Open Door Mission, or Angela House programs. Referred people must have the necessary ID for employment, and must be able to pass a drug test. We reserve the right to suspend Grad-U-Share at any time. Employees of WorkFaith (even if you are a graduate) are not eligible for the Grad-U-Share program.

For information, please contact Matt Killian. Or watch the Promo Video.