What We Do

The WorkFaith Connection stands in the gap where thousands of capable unemployed individuals fall through the cracks. The WorkFaith Connection equips these individuals with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead healthy, productive and spiritually rich lives. We accomplish this through our:

Career Development & Advancement Services

Career Development

Advanced Services

Long-Term Success

5-Day Job Readiness Boot Camp
1-on-1 Coaching and Support
Rapid Employment Services
Long-term Employment Program (LTE)
Access to our employers and placement options
Continued Support options (1-year)
Career Advancement

Long-Term Employment

On June 1, 2019, The WorkFaith Connection launched its Long- Term Employment Program that creates an integrated relationship between the employer, the WorkFaith graduate, our coaching program, our church partners, and our support services.

Through a one-year coaching and mentoring model, enrolled WorkFaith graduates will experience:

  • immediate employment options

  • access to continuing education, professional/technical skills training and certifications.

  • Job performance coaching yielding greater job stability

Employers will receive:

  • thoroughly vetted and certified as “WorkFaith Ready” candidates,

  • one-year of “on the job coaching” to work through any job performance issues, reducing turnover

  • federal tax incentives for hiring from selected demographic such as ex-felons, recipients of government assistance, individuals living in impoverished areas, veterans