WorkFaith launches Virtual Expansion!

virtual expansion

As we continue to celebrate all that God did through The By Faith Experience, we are excited to announce a special video series inviting you to participate in the growth of WorkFaith through our Virtual Expansion. In this By Faith video series, you will receive the opportunity to hear from our distinguished speakers Dave Evans, Pastor Gregg Matte, and Jewel Burks Solomon. Additionally, we’re asking you to continue in your generosity towards the work that God is doing here at WorkFaith. You are invited to help close our $400,000 fundraising gap for our 2021 plans to train over 12,000 people in our community.

The Reason for By Faith and Giving:

Funding is needed to continue WorkFaith’s Virtual Expansion. In order to strengthen the workforce in Houston and beyond, we will be addressing the marketplace skills gaps while promoting spiritual growth. This program will build skills for all desiring long-term employment. It will do so by expanding the proven WorkFaith model to reach the world virtually through Courses, Coaching, and Community

We have seen how these online classes further our mission in new ways. We’re motivated to continue expanding our virtual offerings as we maintain our position as industry leaders in employment training.

In short, WorkFaith Virtual Expansion will boost the employability of workers (including those displaced during the COVID pandemic. It will build promising career pathways, spur job creation, and disciple generations of job seekers.

Expanding the program will include implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) and other technologies to support:

  • Workforce Development Boot Camps
  • Academy Courses: How to Keep a Job, When You Get a Job
  • Supplemental Courses: Resume Writing 101, Mock Interviewing, Networking with a Purpose
  • Finance Classes
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Career Coaching
  • Career and Spiritual Mentoring
  • Digital Literacy

We are grateful for God’s provision, and we want to thank you for your continued support as we develop new ways to serve our community!