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To provide faith-based training and coaching for anyone who desires long-term employment.


The WorkFaith Connection was developed in 2006 to address the challenges of unemployed men and women in Houston, who have a desire to become contributing members of society. Specific attention was focused on serving those caught in the cycle of poverty, formerly incarcerated, recovering from addiction, or transitioning out of homelessness. Based on an award-winning job skills training program called Cincinnati Works, the well-established curriculum was combined with a faith component and extensive follow-up procedures, resulting in The WorkFaith Connection. In 2007, The WorkFaith Connection launched its first "Job Readiness Workshop" as a comprehensive response to disadvantaged job seekers struggling to becoming employed in the city of Houston.

From 2007 to 2010, The WorkFaith Connection operated with one office location serving approximately 280 first time clients per year, while also serving a cumulative population of alumni as the years progressed. To meet increasing demand for the services offered, a plan for growth was developed, and in January of 2011 a second location opened, doubling the capacity of new clients served each year. A third location, was added in 2017 to expand to new regions of the city and increase capacity of clients served by 50% each year.

In 2013, The WorkFaith Connection began to offer more extensive services to the graduates of the program, such as the WorkFaith Academy supplemental classes. Employed graduates are now able to receive training in Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Financial Coaching, and other life skills training needed to be successful in their life and job. Since inception, the staff at The WorkFaith Connection has consistently increased efforts to partner with other organizations and build long-term relationships with graduates of the program, becoming a family to them, celebrating their victories, and being supportive through their challenges.

In June 2019, we implemented a Long-term Employment Program(LTEP) to strengthen and deepen our impact in supporting transformation in our graduates.  Participating graduates commit one year to the Long-Term Employment Program. This Program creates an integrated relationship between the employer, the WorkFaith graduate, our coaching program, our church partners, and our support services. Through a one-year coaching model, enrolled WorkFaith graduates will have immediate employment options, and have access to continuing education, professional/technical skills training and certifications.  

 At the same time, our Employer Development team is building relationships with Houston businesses (Core Employers) that need labor that our graduates are eager to provide. As participating graduates commit to one year of bi-monthly coaching sessions & soft skill training, our Core Employers agree to provide vital feedback to WorkFaith concerning the employed graduate.  We believe our graduates will experience greater job stability and career advancement opportunities that will impact their earning potential, their family’s stability and improve the communities in which they live.

WorkFaith developed to address the challenges of unemployed men and women in Houston.
First "Job Readiness Workshop” launched
One office location serves approximately 280 first time participants per year.
Second office location opened, doubling the capacity of new participants served each year.
More extensive services offered through WorkFaith Academy
Third office location, was added and increases capacity of participants served by 50% each year.
Long-term Employment Program (LTEP) created to further support participants.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WorkFaith launches fully virtual services and programs.

Our Team


Anna Diaz Hasselbring

Director of Human Resources

Kirsten Dupuy

Manager of Instruction

Elizabeth Etter

Manager of Development

Roxi Fam

Marketing and Media Coordinator

Anthony Flynn

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Hardy

Chief Program Officer

Jonesy Henry

IT and Facilities Administrator

Betty Ienna

Admissions Support

Lois Jackson

Career Coach
Marisela Jimenez

Marisela Jimenez, PhD

Manager of Corporate Partnerships

Matt Killian

Chief Operating Officer

Christina Kinder

Manager of Development

Susan King

Career Coach

Josmery Maldonado

Manager of Admissions

Sivivian Merrick

Manager of Coaching Services

Ron Mitchell

Accounting Administrator

Derrick Moore

Executive Administrator
Enoma Esakue

Enoma Esakue

Lead Systems Engineer

LaTonia Oyeniran

Director of Marketing and Community Engagement

Rosemary P'Pool

Primary Instructor

Sahar Rahimian

Business Systems Administrator

Robin Scott

Volunteer Program Manager

Romona Simon

Admissions Coordinator
Cameron Webb

Cameron Webb

Project Coordinator

Roman Zalasar

Admissions Support Specialist

Anthony Flynn

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Killian

Chief Operating Officer

Anna Diaz

HR Manager

Freda Miller

Director of Client Services

Board Members

Embry Canterbury

Chairman | Hibernia Resources, LLC

Randall Edwards

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Chris Winton

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Wendy Millhouse


Our Founders & Past Board Members

Barbara Elliot


Sandy Schultz

Founding CEO | 2006 - 2019

Chris Carmouche

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Gary Dunkum

Former Board Member

Kevin Howard

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