Job Search Accelerator

If you are unemployed and have struggled to find a job, the Job Search Accelerator will provide you with the spiritual support and workforce training you need to experience long-term success.

Accelerate Your Career

This virtual training currently spans 5 days and is segmented into two main areas: How to effectively conduct a modern-day job search and how to set yourself apart in a job interview.

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Use the referral form to refer a friend or family member to WorkFaith's Job Search Accelerator.


After you submit the form, encourage your referral to enroll and complete the 5-day training.


Once your referral completes the program, you will earn a $50 check.

Grad-U-Share Referral Form

Terms & Conditions: By completing this form, you will also receive occasional email updates. Grad-U-Share is only open to WorkFaith graduates. The referred parties must include your name as a referral on the enrollment form. Referrals are ineligible for the $50 referral fee if the prospective participant is already required to participate in our program. We reserve the right to suspend Grad-U-Share at any time.