What We Do

The WorkFaith Connection exists to provide effective and comprehensive employment services to men and women who have become discouraged in their job search. Our Christ-centered values paired with our highly-structured program help students increase their value and confidence which is needed for successful transitions back into the workforce.  We’ve served Houston’s unemployed for over 13 years and help obtain over 6,500 jobs and counting.

How We Do It

The program goes much deeper than simply teaching someone how to fill out an application, interview, and look for work. We provide personalized coaching services to further sharpen workplace competencies such as time management, conflict resolution, team work, and crisis management. The WorkFaith Connection equips our participants with the skills necessary to achieve long-term employment, personal stabilization, and career advancement.

Career Development &
Advancement Services

Career Development

Advanced Services

Long-Term Success

8-Day Job-Readiness Boot Camp
90-Day Job Search Coaching
Rapid Employment Services
Long-term Employment Program
1-Year of Stabilization Coaching
Industry Training and Certifications
Career Advancement

How We Can Help


A WorkFaith Candidate

  • Has completed 20-hours of job-readiness training
  • Is enrolled in our 1-year coaching program
  • Is work-ready, vetted, and prescreened
  • Is drug tested and background checked
  • Is confident, skilled, and has a positive attitude
  • Always has access to continued employment and spiritual support

Employers Can

  • Access all WorkFaith services for free
  • Utilize a staffing service option to minimize risk on the front-end and cover HR responsibilities
  • Encourage maximum participation in our 1-year support option for your WorkFaith employees
  • Use our coaches to resolve any conflict and workplace issues
  • For more information please contact Natasha Bush

Tax Incentives

Federal tax credits extended to employers for hiring from selected demographics such as:

  • ex-felons
  • veterans
  • recipients of government assistance
  • individuals living in impoverished areas

Additional Benefits

  • Increase retention
  • Decrease expenses
  • Direct impact to your bottom line
  • Signed 1-job-for-1-year agreement
  • Handpicked talent for your open positions