Generosity at Work || Abdulla

While Abdulla had over 30 years of international banking experience in Dubai and India, he experienced many difficulties re-entering his career field in the United States. He was told repeatedly that he needed experience in America to be able to find a career in banking. Abdulla also faced ageism due to his senior citizen status. By the time he was referred to WorkFaith by AARP, Abdulla was discouraged by all the rejection he had experienced.

During WorkFaith’s Workforce Development Training, he quickly developed friendships with other students and staff with his joyful sense of humor. His teachers and mock interviewers realized his potential and his dilemma with re-entering the workforce as an immigrant. His primary instructor noted, “Abdulla had a cheerful attitude and grew in his knowledge rapidly during the Workforce Development Training”. 

“Attentive” Abdulla refused to give up after several months unemployed. With the help of the entire WorkFaith Connection Team, including Coaching, the Community Resource Coordinator, and Employer Development, Abdulla found rent assistance with the Kingsland Baptist Church relief fund. In the meantime, he was meeting many times with his coach over the course of eight months after the Workforce Development Training. 

Through prayer and perseverance, Abdulla relaunched his career. He was employed by Recruiting Source International as a loan processor. Not only did Abdulla find employment, but he found it during the COVID pandemic! Abdulla is now thriving after being employed for over five months. He reports that since his hire, his employer has affirmed that they are pleased with his performance. He credits his many years of international banking experience and his keen ability to analyze complex tax reports and applications for his success.

Abdulla states that completing the Workforce Development Training at WorkFaith renewed him both emotionally and spiritually. He feels like he has been given a fresh start, and he looks forward to what God has in store for him next.