Generosity at Work || Jamaal

After entering Star of Hope, “Jovial” Jamaal found himself at the beginning of a new life. Jamaal had tried to live life on his own terms and his own way, leading him to a life of drugs, alcohol, and pain. He ended up homeless on the streets of California, and his dad pleaded with him to come to Texas and get help, leading him to Star of Hope. Upon entering the 5-Day Workforce Development Training, Jamaal first thought he could do this all on his own, but soon realized how much he had to learn. Jamaal realized through the class that allowing others to support him and rally around him was more than he could have ever asked for. Throughout the class, homework was a challenge for Jamaal, but he fought through and graduated proudly with his class in January 2020. 

Jamaal came into coaching ready to follow the guidance and knowledge he received in Workforce Development Training. He showed up for coaching appointments on time and ready to work. He spent time in the computer lab applying for jobs and asking for support when he got stuck. He relied on the coaching team when he became fearful, overwhelmed, or discouraged because he knew that no matter what the price, achieving his goals would make it all worth it. Jamaal attended WorkFaith Academy right after graduation, and the discussion around change and transition could not have come at a better time for him. He was relentless in his pursuit of employment and growth and now works full-time as a Server. While being a server was his primary job focus, he is looking ahead to what the future could hold, while being present in the season he is in.

For most of his life, Jamaal has run from God but now knows that anywhere with God is home. His faith has been strengthened by knowing that the men and women he sat with in the Workforce Development Training are going through journeys similar to his own.