Generosity at Work: Meet Jonathan

Jonathan came to WorkFaith with the desire to learn. Upon graduating from our Virtual Boot Camp in June of 2020, he learned skills like effective networking, job search techniques, and creating a solid resume.

Shortly after completing the Boot Camp, Jonathan contacted his coach and began honing his resume and networking strategy. He also enlisted the services of the volunteer Mock Interview Workshop team. Additionally, Jonathan joined the Financial Peace University program offered at WorkFaith. With his dedicated work ethic, positive attitude, and his faith in the Lord, Jonathan entered the job market looking for his first assignment beginning in August of 2020 shortly after graduation from college. We are celebrating with Jonathan as he has recently secured his first job after graduating from Liberty University with a B.S. Degree in Business Communications!

Jonathan worked tirelessly with the Employer Development Team and the Coaching Department in his job search. He was successful in landing a paid internship with MLS as a Public Relations Marketing Intern in September of 2020. He has continued with coaching even after landing his job. He and his coach developed a plan for his “First 90 Day’s” on the job. He has used this First 90 Days strategy to plan his path forward with his new manager.

Jonathan has a bright future in his chosen industry and believes he will have an opportunity to join his firm full-time after the internship. We are so blessed to walk alongside him through this season of his life.