Generosity at Work: Meet Charles

“Committed” Charles found himself living in a transitional facility, stemming from bad choices and recovering from previous medical issues. He was looking to get a new start by searching for employment again. Charles was referred to WorkFaith by community partner Star of Hope, where he had recently completed the Men at Work program. He was skeptical about the Workforce Development Training, but in hopes of becoming gainfully employed, he decided he was going to give it all he could to do better for himself. Charles began his new life journey in December 2019 with Day 1 of the Workforce Development Training. He excelled tremendously in the classroom, visible as a great leader and encourager to his fellow classmates. His light was an inspiration to those around him, and his positive attitude was infectious to all in his presence. These attributes aided him in successfully graduating with his class on December 13. 

Charles met with his coach for his one-on-one session and was fired up! He committed his 30-second commercial to memory and stated it with so much confidence that his coach had already decided that he would be a great candidate for the LTE program. Within two weeks, he was certified for this program and began receiving job matches from WorkFaith’s Employer Development Team. Needing very little preparation, Charles began going on interviews in-between coaching sessions. Though he was not hired right away, Charles did not lose his connection with WorkFaith. He diligently conferred with his coach. He even attended WorkFaith Academy to stay motivated while he was in job search.  

One afternoon in March, Charles came into the office to be a part of the Bell Ringing celebration, as he had found employment! He currently works full-time as a warehouse worker. 

Charles’ time in Workforce Development Training was met with affirmation in him being a believer in God, and through his continual praise for all that He has seen him through. Charles’ faith stayed strong and he continues to give thanks to God.