Generosity at Work || Paula

Meet Paula.

Paula graduated from WorkFaith’s Workforce Development Training in August of 2018. Originally from Alaska and a proud graduate of Texas A&M University, Paula had over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

In November of 2016, Paula was laid off from her position at an environmental consulting firm due to a lack of funding. Unfortunately, this was the second layoff Paula experiences in 2 years, which led to her questioning her worth and feeling devalued. The layoffs came at the same time her daughter was entering her senior year of high school. 

Once her daughter graduated, Paula moved to central Texas to live with her extended family. She had sold her home in Alaska and describes the situation as feeling as though she was homeless. She would endlessly apply for jobs, and although she had several first interviews, she could never secure a second. 

Feeling lost and unsure of what to do, Paula applied for a position in England. She was offered the opportunity, but the position required money. Over time, it became apparent that this “opportunity” was a scam. Paula came to find out that all the finances she had set aside for her daughter’s college and her own living expenses were gone due to this scam.

In her desperation, she sent a note to her friend, Keith Henson, and he shared about WorkFaith. She went to WorkFaith the very next day for her orientation and enrollment into the Workforce Development Training. 

Paula quickly jumped into a class that week and, upon graduating, set an ambitious goal of finding a job within 45 days. As she entered into her new job search, she was better equipped to not only get further into interview processes, but she also saw that every position not offered was an opportunity to learn what she could do better for the next interview. 

Right before Thanksgiving, Paula applied for a position that she was particularly excited about and received an interview! Due to the Holiday, there was a natural delay in the interview process. She kept waiting for a phone call but did not receive one. She looked online only to find that the job had been filled. Discouraged and at the end of her rope, she cried out to God in total desperation. 

She went back to WorkFaith where everyone prayed for her. She shared her desperation with them and was encouraged to consider biblical counseling. In her own words, in this moment WorkFaith became her family. Paula had the courage to seek help and receive the guidance of brothers and sisters in Christ. Paula has shared before, “I have a family, and it’s called WorkFaith.”

It just so happens that Paula was offered the position that she saw had been filled, only it was filled by her! She received the offer the very next day!

“It’s not just that WorkFaith was able to help me get a job, and I have the great opportunity to work for a great company. WorkFaith helped me remember [that] God loves me, and it also allowed me to be able to heal when I needed it most.” – Paula