Generosity at Work: Sara


My name is Sara, and among many others in my company, I lost my job due to COVID-19. I found WorkFaith because I needed to get started with my job search, and WorkFaith’s Boot Camp gave me the motivation I needed to launch into that search.

It’s difficult enough to do a job search on your own, but it’s even more isolating and defeating when you’re trying to launch that job search during a pandemic. I did a Google search basically looking for different organizations that specialize in career services and began to focus my search towards faith-based organizations because faith is something that anchors me during transitional periods. I found other job services, but they didn’t have the faith component I wanted in an organization. It is so critical to keep faith at the center, especially when you are trying to fulfill your mission or your calling in life. 

People in the Same Boat

Everything in Boot Camp was incredibly useful. WorkFaith helped me to focus on finding different ways to connect to companies that had the remote jobs that I wanted to pursue. My coach and I have talked about how you can spend a lot of time on job boards and feel really productive, but at the end of the day, most of us are not going to get jobs from job boards. I will say the thing that was immediately beneficial was just connecting with other people who were in the same boat! As I mentioned, it is isolating when you feel like you’re the only one searching for a job, and so to have a cohort that you’re moving through the Boot Camp with is really supportive and encouraging.

Connecting With A Coach

When we would submit our applications, my coach gave really good feedback and, at the conclusion of Boot Camp, answered all of our questions. We each had our own questions as we were going through the class and the coaches made it an interactive discussion throughout Boot Camp. The connection of having a coach that sits with you as often as you need is extremely helpful. Please don’t overlook your coach as a student here at WorkFaith. You want to take those opportunities to connect with your coach because they are here to help you and support you and walk you through this journey!

There are some days when you submit applications, and you may have received a rejection letter or two, and you need encouragement—use your coach! They are there to help you through those difficult moments, process through lessons learned, and remind you how to move forward. I would definitely make sure that you’re taking advantage of the fact that you have a coach. A coach like this is like a life coach or career coach, and you would have to pay quite a bit for such services at another organization. So, take advantage of those opportunities to connect with your coach. It really will help you solve some of those bigger problems that you’re facing and the challenging things that come your way throughout the job search and beyond.



Sara started her new job on October 26th as an Operations Coordinator in IT & Data Processing! We are so proud of Sara’s story and the ways God is moving through WorkFaith’s Virtual Boot Camps!