Generosity at Work || Tammie

Tammie’s childhood was marked with many challenges. Her mother was an exotic dancer, and she never lived with her father. At age 11, her stepfather and mother divorced. At 19 years old, Tammie was trafficked by her aunt and her aunt’s best friend who was a madame in Louisiana. Tammie’s past as a human trafficking victim had caused her to feel unsure about who she was, but she felt God calling her to minister to those in similar situations. It was clear to her that God is the one who rescued her from trafficking, especially because most women never get out. 

Tammie began to transition jobs when COVID hit and found it difficult to find a position. Without a four-year degree and the ability to speak Spanish, she was coming up dry in the job search. She had sent over a hundred applications out with no results, so she decided to give WorkFaith a try! Tammie heard about WorkFaith from a bible college classmate who volunteers! 

As soon as she jumped into the 5-Day Workforce Development Training, Tammie was immediately grateful to God for the opportunity. She shared that, “The instructors were very open and not geared for a certain sector, there to help all! What really touched me the most was the devotionals that were offered. Yes, I needed all the practical information, but the devotionals that were offered made me not feel ashamed of my lack of strengths.”

During the course, she had been encouraged to target a company, and she decided to try that methodology for her new job search. She stated, “Rosemary (WorkFaith Instructor) touched my heart through her encouragement on a different connection.” Rosemary sent Tammie a message in the chat one day in class and told her that there was an available position that she should apply for at WorkFaith. She thought to herself, “Rosemary doesn’t know my history but hopes that she will read this success story to know how much she helped her with that message. Rosemary had no idea of the insecurities that I had, and with that one message they went away.”

The 5-Day Workforce Development Training gave Tammie the freedom to stop holding herself back for not having a four-year degree and simply pursue her passions. Through Rosemary’s simple message, Tammie was given the strength to apply to ministries, and that one thing changed her entire focus. 

Tammie is currently in ministry and is finishing bible college. Her plan is to step out more and share about her surviving trafficking and the ways God saved her life.