Generosity at Work

In our upcoming Generosity at Work series, we will share stories from WorkFaith graduates you are impacting through your giving. We invite you to consider giving to the work that God is doing here at WorkFaith!

“I was a college graduate with no plan and no idea what I ‘wanted to be when I grew up’. WorkFaith helped me to not only find a job, but to find a career. I saw WorkFaith online when I was job searching. I think my entire job search process needed revamping because I was not doing good in my job search before. Since I am young and a college graduate, I had to be able to learn to explain the amount of jobs I’ve had since I started working and the reasons why I was not able to stick to one job for long periods of time. I also had to learn to do better with my interview skills. WorkFaith helped me to do both of those things.

On the first day of class, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was scared and taking a risk but I knew it was going to be worth it. The staff and volunteers there definitely made it worth it for me. I loved every single staff member. From the receptionist, volunteers and staff, it was really a place where I felt welcome, known and loved and knew that they were going to help me. My favorite staff members were Ms. Monica and Ms. Sivivian. I could tell that they were passionate about helping others.

Now, I am Resource Specialist at Workforce Solutions, assisting customers with their job search and help them reduce barriers to employment.

I started working here in February and after the interview, the process took about a month. My boss loved my interviewing skills and said I was very confident; I knew it was because of WorkFaith. WorkFaith helped me with confidence in interviews, improved my resume, and my faith. I loved the stories they included in the classes. Everything was very intentional and helpful. I see myself continuing to work in a nonprofit organization, it may or may not be where I am currently, but I know for a fact that I want to keep nonprofit as my career and help as many people as possible. For those in job search considering WorkFaith, I would tell them to be patient, put in the hard work and never lose hope when job searching.”