Grateful, Humble, & Generous: 3 WorkFaith Attributes

Grateful. Humble. Generous. These are three attributes we long to exhibit as an organization. As we enter the holiday season, we are continuing to set our eyes on Jesus and the calling He has given us here at WorkFaith. The heart of Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas is one of gratitude, humility, and generosity. All of these things are a product of the Gospel at work in our hearts as believers in Christ.


We are a grateful people. Here at WorkFaith, we are grateful first for the salvation the Gospel has brought to our partners and staff. With of the grace God has given us, He has also provided opportunities for us to come alongside men and women. We hope to tangibly meet work skill needs and point them towards the restoring truth of the Gospel. We fully realize the blessing that God has given us to minister in these unique ways to the men and women He created to redeem.


Patience and humility to wait for the direction and provision of God will take a humble heart. A humble heart is one that rightly knows who God is – and rightly knows who we are because of who God is. Humility requires discipline and trust to wait for clarity, direction, and provision. We fully trust in the faithfulness of our God to provide for every need for our partners, clients, and staff.


The Gospel also makes us a generous people. Our faith, in the abundance of God’s love and care for us, frees us to give to others without fear of scarcity or lack. The body of Christ operates out of humble abundance, all the while knowing every provision from God is purposed for human flourishing under the light of the Gospel.

Throughout November and December, we are asking for you to come alongside us as we center ourselves and our organization around these attributes given to us through the Gospel. We have two ways for you to do this starting next week! 

First, we have the Believe in People Campaign. For this campaign, we have partnered with StandTogether, a nonprofit that comes alongside other nonprofits to raise funds and awareness. Believe in People shares lessons from decades of successes and failures in business and philanthropy. It also applies the principles that have enabled social progress throughout history. For each book sold, StandTogether will donate the cover price ($30) to support WorkFaith! More information to come next week with the unique code to support WorkFaith through StandTogether!  

In addition to the Believe in People Campaign, we are also launching our Generosity at Work series throughout the months of November and December highlighting our graduates by sharing their stories and keeping our fundraising goals before you as we wrap up the year! We are more than halfway through our $600,000 fundraising goal. We need your help to finish the year strong!

Please look for more information next week regarding both Believe in People and Generosity at Work! We are glad to partner with you as we continue to submit ourselves humbly to the call God has given to us at the intersection of work and faith.