General Group Coaching

Join a general group coaching session and improve your chances of success in job search.


Coaching services are currently free of charge and are offered online.
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Monday Motivation

Gearing up for another week in job search? Monday does not have to be blue! Come join the coaching team as we jump start our week together with some motivation, strategic planning, and group accountability. Together we will win the week!

Creating an Effective Job Search Strategy

Before you embark on creating your strategic plan, you first have several decisions to make. First, and most importantly, know the position you are seeking. Are you just trying to get a job or are you pursuing a certain career path? What is your desired salary? Have you done your research to get a reasonable estimate of what that position customarily pays? This coaching session will help you to define your starting point to guide you through the process of being effective and intentional in your job search.


How to Interview and Network Virtually

We get it! Networking is vital in finding your next position. However, due to the current conditions, you must get creative in making those connections. In this coaching session, we discuss how technology can be leveraged as a tool for maximizing connections.

Interview Clinic

Do you struggle with the “Tell me about yourself” question? Are behavioral interview questions intimidating for you? This session is perfect for you! This clinic is designed to provide instant feedback for the interview questions that you desire to perfect, providing you with a competitive advantage in the interview. Come prepared with your 30-second commercial and the questions you need support in answering.

Resume Review

Are you at a loss as to how to reflect your transferable skills on your resume? Do you know how far to go back with your employment history? This session will give you the necessary tools to make your resume stand out amongst other candidates and yield your desired results, EMPLOYMENT! Bring your most recent resume and let’s work on it together.