How to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

You are looking at an offer letter for your next job. When everything looks great, you reach for the pen to sign it, and then, WHAM! You wake up. Maybe you’re at the point in your job search where you’re doubting if this dream will ever become a reality.

Most job seekers agree without hesitation that looking for a job is like a roller coaster ride: full of highs and lows. Over time, this instability can take its toll on your mental outlook, and negativity can unconsciously enter your thoughts. You may find yourself doubting your capabilities.

If you are experiencing this, it’s time to reverse course! Self-confidence is an important factor in landing a job, so protecting it is critical. Here are some tips that will help you stay positive during your job search.

Create a Schedule

When you lose your job, you lose your schedule. Schedules can help to give a sense of control during a time when life feels unpredictable. So if you have been “winging it,” take the time to create a schedule.

First, write a list of your job search activities by category. Then, break down each day into blocks of time and assign your job search activities. For example:

8-12 p.m.Apply to jobsApply to jobsApply to jobsApply to jobsApply to jobs
1-3 p.m.Research companiesResearch companiesResearch companiesResearch companiesResearch companies
3-5 p.m.NetworkingNetworkingNetworkingNetworkingNetworking

Follow your schedule for a week and then adjust as needed.

Spend Time Away From Your Job Search

Searching for a job takes loads of mental energy. If you let the job search consume your time 24/7, you will burn out eventually.

Build time in your schedule to take short breaks. Spend time each day, perhaps in the evening, relaxing and getting your mind off the job search.

Use Affirmations

A powerful technique to keep you mentally strong is reading affirmations. Affirmations are short, upbeat quotes and bible verses that lift your spirit!

Write them down on index cards. Start each day reading one and reread it throughout the day. Here is an example of an affirmation that might motivate you:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Don’t Linger On Disappointments

Disappointments during the job search are common. Maybe you felt that you aced an interview. You had all the right skills and experience and are waiting to get that job offer any day! Instead, you receive a rejection in an email.

Acknowledge your disappointment, but don’t linger on it. Train yourself to keep moving forward with the job search. Don’t stop your job search until you have started your new job.

Help Others 

One sure method that will help you maintain a positive attitude is helping others. It might feel counterintuitive since you might think you are the one that needs help but give it a try! 

When you extend a helping hand to others, you get a break from thinking about your own challenges. It’s also good for your mental health because positive hormones are released in your body, which counteracts the stress of searching for a job. Helping others is a “win-win” for everyone!

Join a Job Search Group

Searching for a job is an isolating endeavor that can lead to depression. Joining a job search group instantly places you with others going through the same experience. Talking with fellow job seekers is a great way to practice networking and simultaneously lift your spirits!

A successful job search hinges on your job-hunting skills and also your mindset. Maintaining a positive attitude during a challenging job search will serve you well in all areas of your life, now and in the future.  So try these amazing mindset tips and propel yourself to success!

Author: Leslie Martinez

Leslie Martinez is a virtual assistant who plans to become a solopreneur in 2021, launching her business, LM Virtual Services. She has worked as an executive assistant in several industries over her career, including nonprofits, educational technology, construction, real estate investment trust, and the petroleum industry. In her spare time, Leslie enjoys reading, exercising, and volunteering. She is a member of Chapelwood United Methodist Church, and during the pandemic, has helped with their food drive.  Leslie is married and the proud mother of an adult son. Connect with Leslie on Linkedin!