The By Faith Experience: Streaming Sept 30!

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Does The By Faith Experience sound familiar? You would be correct. Every fall, WorkFaith gathers our community at the annual By Faith Breakfast to celebrate successes, hear from our graduates, and unite in support of our shared mission. Because COVID-19 has prevented us from gathering in person, we reimagined our annual community gathering. We will bring the heart of our organization into your homes virtually this year through: The By Faith Experience.

Our Speakers

Our power-packed agenda includes globally renowned speakers Dave Evans, Jewel Burks Solomon, and Pastor Gregg Matte, as well as our graduate speaker, Ron Mitchell.

Dave Evans is the cofounder of the Stanford Life Design Lab, which has the mission of applying the innovation principles of design thinking to the wicked problem of designing your life. The Life Design Lab has enjoyed great success at Stanford and is now expanding broadly across higher education.

Jewel Burks Solomon is an advocate for representation and access in the technology industry. In March of 2020, Solomon was named the head of the new Google for Startups. Jewel previously managed Google events before serving as an entrepreneur-in-residence for diversity markets at the top tech company. There, she matched underrepresented companies with Google tools and resources.

Gregg Matte is the senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church. Under his leadership, this historic church founded in 1841 has moved to the cutting edge of ministry and experienced tremendous growth. Before coming to Houston in 2004, Gregg founded Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M University — the largest college Bible study in the nation. What started with twelve participants in his apartment grew to a weekly gathering of thousands of students each Tuesday night under his leadership.

Please join us online in support of our continued mission of providing faith-based training and coaching for anyone who desires long-term employment in Houston and beyond.


Welcome to The By Faith Experience!
Opening Prayer
Celebrating Sandy Schultz
Graduate Story – Ron Mitchell
The Vision of WorkFaith
A Message from Pastor Gregg Matte
A By Faith Interview with Jewel Burks Solomon
Jabez Prayer
Designing Your Life with Dave Evans
Your Opportunity
Closing Prayer

Please join us from 12-12:30 PM for a Bonus Session with Dave Evans!