WorkFaith’s Professional Development

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Professional Development

Gain the leadership and soft skills you need to advance in your career with this 90-minute workshop. In Professional Development Classes, you will learn the following:

Before You Quit: Principles of Perseverance

What work experience has caused you to either quit or want to quit your job in the past? What does it take to be able to persevere despite all the obstacles you face daily? Join us to learn how to endure hardship and position yourself for success!

Building Relationships: The Power of Connection

Do you find yourself isolated from others or oftentimes feeling alone? Join us to understand the significance and power of building a healthy community! Prepare to experience the joy of serving and fellowshipping with others.

Character Building: Who You Are Counts

Having a well-developed character is essential to your success. Join us to learn the importance of your “story” and how it has an integral role in the development of your character.

Dealing with Difficult People: How to Keep Your Job

How do you respond to having to work with or for a difficult personality? How successful have you been navigating such challenges in the past? Join us to find out why we tend to clash with certain personalities and learn more about how to effectively communicate with your difficult personality type.

Dealing with Too Much: How to Overcome Stress at Work

Stress is one of the main culprits of health issues. But how do we overcome what we cannot control? In a society that places an extraordinary amount of value on accomplishment and productivity, how can we develop the proper boundaries to guard our health and peace of mind and still be successful on the job? Join us to learn how to successfully manage your internal responses to external stressors.

Overcoming Rejection: The Secret to Your Success 

Do you fear rejection? Don’t let past pain interrupt your present or future. If you desire victory and freedom from past hurts, join us to learn how to overcome the fear of being rejected again and experience all the great things you’ve been missing!

Professionalism: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In

When you hear the word “professionalism” in the marketplace, what comes to mind? Rigidity, Conformity, Assimilation? Does it threaten your individuality and creativity? Join us to learn the truth about “professionalism” and how, when embraced with the proper boundaries in place, you can leverage it to your advantage!

Self-Care: How to Care for Yourself

Taking care of yourself, even while navigating a busy job, is more important thank you think. Join us to learn how to get your priorities in order so you can enjoy your life and career with less stress!

Time Management: How to Add 90 Minutes to Your Day

How we spend our time can play a tremendous role in our level of success. Do you use your time wisely? Are you making the most of the time you have been given? Join us, and learn how to fully maximize your time so you can leverage it to your advantage!

Work-Life Balance: Strategies to Reprioritize Your Life

Our personal lives and work lives can either complement one another or compete against each other. Research has found that a well-balanced personal and professional life facilitates an overall environment conducive for optimal success. Join us and learn how to have the best of both worlds!