13th annual by faith breakfast

You are cordially invited to WorkFaith’s 13th Annual By Faith Breakfast. We cannot wait to gather together to celebrate God’s mighty work!

Meet Our Volunteer: Emily Chew

meet our volunteer emily chew

Meet our volunteer, Emily Chew! Emily is a Pacific Northwest native who connected with WorkFaith in the midst of the pandemic. As she was searching for socially distanced community service opportunities, she found WorkFaith to be the perfect match: “I love that WorkFaith grounds something so practical as employment with Christ-centered faith because that’s where the foundation, the true and …

12 Easy Tips to Master Time Management

12 easy tips to master time management

These 12 easy tips to master time management will make your productivity soar. Imagine what your workday could look like if your optimized your time for the best productivity. Think about what you could do when you manage even one minute better. What about 30 minutes? What about an hour? The following 12 tips, simple as they are, will help …