Happy New Year! From WorkFaith

New Year

Happy New Year from your WorkFaith family! We at WorkFaith are full of excitement and anticipation for all God has in store for us in 2023.

Why Should Young Adults Volunteer – 5 Reasons

Young Adults Volunteering

Volunteering is the one activity universities and employers want to see on your resume. Surprisingly, it is often an afterthought and overlooked. A 2016 study by Deloitte revealed that employers are 82% more likely to choose candidates with volunteering experience. In addition, 85% are more willing to overlook resume pitfalls if the candidate is involved in community service. The employers surveyed …

12 Easy Tips to Master Time Management

12 easy tips to master time management

These 12 easy tips to master time management will make your productivity soar. Imagine what your workday could look like if your optimized your time for the best productivity. Think about what you could do when you manage even one minute better. What about 30 minutes? What about an hour? The following 12 tips, simple as they are, will help …