Job Etiquette

Second Chance Coaching: Job Etiquette Have you ever been written up or fired from a job? Have you struggled to get along with a co-worker or boss while on a job? In this group coaching session, we will reflect on challenging workplace scenarios explore some good work habits that will help you to not only keep a job, but also …

Resume Writing

WorkFaith Academy: Resume Writing Join us to learn about different resume formats and which ones are most suitable for the type of position you will be applying for. Learn the tools necessary to create several resumes-each uniquely tailored for specific job positions!

Monday Motivation

Group Coaching: Monday Motivation  Gearing up for another week in a job search? Monday does not have to be blue! Come join the coaching team as we jump-start our week together with some motivation, strategic planning, and group accountability. Together we will win the week!

Embracing Diversity: Working Well with People Who are Different Than You

WorkFaith Academy: Embracing Diversity: Working Well with People Who are Different Than You Join us and gain a fresh new perspective on what it means to work “well” with people who are different. Learn to strengthen your own beliefs and increase your ability to embrace the beliefs of others.

Marketing Your Brand as a SME

Transitional Coaching: Marketing Your Brand as a SME In this tech-savvy job market, it is very likely that you will be researched and assessed based on your online presence. As a result, it is imperative that you deliver consistent messaging, and market yourself in a way that stands out. of who you are across multiple platforms. In this coaching session, …

Character Building: Making Who You Are Count

WorkFaith Academy: Character Building-Making Who You Are Count Character is the definition of the true you and it is essential to your success! Join us to learn the importance of your “story” and how it has an integral role in the development of your character. 

Using and Building Your Network

Transitional Coaching: Using and Building Your Network Is the phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know” a myth? According to research, 60-80% of jobs are found through networking, and not on job boards. With that in mind, why do so many people spend countless hours on job boards? This coaching session helps you break the habit of …

Job Search Strategy for 55+

General Group Coaching: Job Search Strategy for 55+ No doubt about it, ageism is alive and well and living in America. Those who ignore that fact are doomed to months of frustration and rejection as they move through their job search journey. To be effective in job search after the age of 50, you must create a realistic strategy and …

Resume Review

General Coaching: Resume Review Are you at a loss as to how to reflect your transferrable skills on your resume? Do you know how far to go back with your employment history? This session will give you the necessary tools to make your resume standout amongst other candidates and yield your desired results, EMPLOYMENT!  Bring your most recent resume and …

Before You Quit: Principles of Perseverance in the Marketplace

Before You Quit—Principles of Perseverance in the Marketplace What work experience has caused you to either quit or want to quit your job in the past? What does it take to be able to persevere in spite of all the obstacles you can face on a daily basis? Join us to learn how perseverance can position you for success!