Adithy Iyengar

It was 2019, and Adithy felt she could no longer remain where she was. Working at an environmental consulting company, she made the difficult decision to let her boss know she was leaving because the role was not a good fit. At the same time, Adithy was healing from the end of a relationship, pursuing discipleship to Jesus, and learning how to share the gospel with her Hindu family. None of it was easy.

Then, the pandemic happened.

“All of those factors were contributing to me realizing, I need help. I can’t do this alone. My boss had told me, ‘Maybe [you should work in] nonprofit, but I was like, ‘What is God telling me?’ I was looking for Him around the same time that I was experiencing joblessness.”

Trying to find her footing in work and the world, Adithy realized she was “failing miserably” and had no choice but to turn to strangers who knew more about the workforce than she did.

For a time, Adithy engaged with other job search programs in Houston. But in 2022, she received an email inviting her to WorkFaith’s iWork hiring event, an opportunity to meet employers from various companies around the city. What drew her in was the second half of WorkFaith’s name — “Faith.”

“I think the fact that it was a faith-based organization gave me more of a sense of safety. Because when you think, Work – Faith, you think, Okay, Jesus. It’s like, God is now being brought into all areas of my life.”

Adithy attended the event with excitement and gratitude, freed from the usual networking anxiety and pressure to “schmooze.” Afterward, she signed up for WorkFaith’s one-on-one coaching services.

For several weeks, Adithy met regularly online with her career coach, Nate, who gave her resume a professional makeover. She also learned areas in which she needed to be more accountable to make positive changes in her life.

While Adithy’s journey toward employment continues, her biggest takeaway from her WorkFaith experience was learning that whatever she has to offer the workforce is valuable — no matter the past.

“You might think you’re a haphazard mess of broken job histories, but God can use all of this. Somebody out there needs exactly this.”

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