Work Gap

Laura Osburn

Laura never anticipated needing to re-enter the workforce. After spending 30 years raising her children, she was living a full, comfortable life as a 50-something with her trademark enthusiasm. But then, the unimaginable happened—her husband asked for a divorce. How would she explain a 30-year work gap?

Anxious about the idea of having to job search at her age, Laura turned to God for comfort. She began attending a Bible study, at which a woman invited her to a WorkFaith fundraiser. Laura had never heard of WorkFaith, but she agreed to go with her friends. Two years later, in 2022, after it was clear to Laura that she needed to pursue work, she remembered WorkFaith and signed up for our digital Job Search Accelerator class. Having gone to school for teaching, Laura joined the online classroom with several obstacles in mind: how to explain her 30-year work gap on her resume, how to network, and how to find a profession that didn’t require her to go back to school for a master’s degree.

“I found out so much about y’all and I thought, you know, if my husband doesn’t repent, then I’m gonna probably need to remember this company and what they do for people,” Laura said.

While attending the JSA online, Laura was relieved to discover her work gap—a seemingly huge problem on a resume—was not so big a deal after all. She received crucial help from her WorkFaith Career Coach, Nate, who edited down her 4-page resume. Nate also taught Laura how to customize job applications and her resume according to each job description.

“Laura was a great client to work with because she not only came to WorkFaith with an open mind, but also a willingness to make adjustments and execute new strategies,” said WorkFaith Career Coach Nate Foote.

The difference WorkFaith’s training and coaching—including our professional development resources, which Laura deemed “fabulous”—made in Laura’s life was obvious: “I was 30 years behind. That’s a lot of catch-up time. [WorkFaith instructors] really do make you feel like you’ve got this. It may be a struggle and they’re not going to do it for you, but they will guide you to the point where you can…you’re not alone.”

Today, Laura continues her job search, but she has gained the confidence and skills she needs to reestablish herself in the workforce. Through it all, she has kept faith that God provides: “I know God did not bring me this far to leave me here. He’s got a plan!”

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