Horace White

It was 2020, and Horace needed career guidance. Having struggled with homelessness and drug abuse in the past, he sought help from the nonprofit Open Door Mission, which is also a WorkFaith partner organization. When Horace heard from Open Door Mission about WorkFaith’s job readiness course, he was hesitant – how could it possibly benefit him?

He ultimately decided to accept WorkFaith’s help, attending our Virtual Bootcamp in May of that year, a tough season for many due to the global pandemic. Through the bootcamp, Horace learned how to make himself more competitive in the job market no matter what hardships he faced in the past. Horace also benefitted from our network of partners, taking advantage of WorkFaith’s referral process following his graduation from the Virtual Bootcamp.

Incredibly, he ended up back where he started – at Open Door Mission – but in a very different capacity: Open Door Mission hired Horace as an educational consultant!

At the same time, Horace continued to push forward in his professional journey by electing to pursue an Accounting degree. His longtime goal of becoming a CPA is now within his grasp.

But Horace was not to remain in an educational consulting role for long. Soon after taking the job at Open Door Mission, Horace received a promotion to Education and Career Guidance Manager. In 2021, Horace received another promotion to Controller, which encompasses Open Door Mission’s Human Resources needs.

In just a couple of years, Horace experienced a complete turnaround: from homelessness and drug addiction to a series of promotions at a Christian nonprofit, all while completing a degree in Accounting!

Horace never anticipated making such a professional leap, but he believes God was guiding his footsteps. He credits WorkFaith coaches with helping him become job-ready, too.

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