Mercedes Coronado

Mercedes never imagined the struggles she would face when she moved to the U.S. from Venezuela in 2021. She was a lawyer back home, and she fully expected to be able to continue her profession in Texas. To travel so far and undergo such a change, Mercedes expected to build a better life. She hoped to provide for her family back in Venezuela, too.

The transition was not so simple.

With her limited proficiency in English, Mercedes was told by those around her that she would never be a lawyer again. They said the only jobs she could do in the U.S. were janitorial, housekeeping, or fast-food work. Also, Mercedes’ law degrees and licenses from Venezuela did not transfer to the U.S. — it was a completely new world, one with restrictions.

Mercedes’ job search journey began to improve, however, when she and other immigrant members of her church began discussing their job search struggles after the service one day. Their pastor overheard and told them about WorkFaith.

At first, Mercedes didn’t want to go to WorkFaith’s Job Search Accelerator class. Discouraged and skeptical, she attended anyway, quickly realizing its benefit: she learned soft skills and interview techniques and gained a mentor in her instructor, Debora.

Soon after connecting with WorkFaith, Mercedes discovered she could still work in the legal industry alongside lawyers in Texas. Following some successful networking, Mercedes now works in a law office as a secretary, learning the legal system in the U.S. under the tutelage of her new employers! But her success doesn’t end there: she is also in the process of applying for a certification to practice law in Texas as a Venezuelan lawyer.

The impact of this job on her life is tremendous: she can now afford a home, transportation, and financial provision for her family, specifically her beloved father, who still lives in Venezuela.

For Mercedes, WorkFaith has completely changed her life, “transforming sadness into hope, happiness, and joy.”

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